The Team

Our core team consists of four students of the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete with the desire for work and development:

Kalabogia Maria-Theophilia
Koulouri Kyriaki
Mygiakis Stavros
Ouranou Garifalia

Realizing the need for a green transition and the goals set by the E.U. until 2050, our group submitted its proposal to the EUTeens4Green program entitled “Implementing a green roof to support the just transition”, which was approved for funding.

As young people and students, we want to show the public and our local communities that the implementation of green infrastructure and the adoption of green practices can help local communities and address many social and environmental problems. 

Therefore, our idea is to install a demonstration green roof on a building of the University where we study and spend many hours of the day, as it is a perfect example to present and promote such practices and showcase how they can be adopted by young people to improve living conditions in buildings.

Our project can show that a green roof can increase the energy efficiency of a building, an issue of great importance for our region that still relies mainly on fossil fuels for electricity production, and also enhance urban resilience towards the climate change impacts. Overall, our concept is an environmental, economic and also cultural project, which aims at combining design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability and investment in green solutions in order to help achieve the goals of the European Green Deal.

We implementεδ the project with the continuous collaboration and daily support we received from Asst. Prof. Alexandros Stefanakis, Director of the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and Management of our School and his team, as well as the support of our School’s Dean’s Office and the Rectory Authorities.