The JUSTROOF Project

Green roof for a green transition

The project “JUSTROOF – Implementing a green roof to support the just transition” is funded by the EUTeens4Green program of the EU. It deals with the installation of a green roof in one of the main buildings of the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Crete.
Green roofs are gaining interest as nature-based solutions to address many environmental and socio-economic problems related to urban sprawl and climate change. Considering the large existing space on top of buildings in our cities, the integration of green roofs will support the transition of cities towards resilience and optimization of resource use. The green roof system can support the goals of the green transition as it adds natural elements to the urban environment, increases the green space, enhances the urban biodiversity and contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings.

The JUSTROOF project and the green roof will operate for demonstration purposes as well as an experimental facility by carrying out measurements and collecting weather data (temperature, precipitation, humidity, etc.) and parameters such as soil moisture on a continuous basis in the building with the green roof as well as in another building without a green roof for comparison purposes.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate how green infrastructure projects such as green roofs can be installed in an urban environment and upgrade it. Such projects show the multiple benefits for the people living in these areas which may be economic, environmental or social. Through our project we intend to provide information and an actual example for the purpose of raising awareness among the public and stakeholders.

The project was implemented in collaboration with the BabylonGardens company utilizing the technology it has developed and based on the relevant patent. This technology ensures the lowest weight per sq.m. planted roof and the least need for water, thus making it particularly suitable for the Mediterranean climate and the conditions of Crete.

Green roofs improve the energy efficiency of building by providing better insulation on the building structure, thus reducing the energy demand for cooling or heating. They also decrease the concentration of air pollutants, sequester carbon, reduce urban noise, enhance urban biodiversity and provide aesthetic and health benefits. Green roofs are a nature-based solution that contributes to climate change mitigation and helps achieve the goals of the European Green Deal. As such, this project aligns its vision and scope with the objectives of the European Climate Pact.

What is a green roof

The green roof at TUC

Pictures of the green roof


The Team

Our core team consists of four students of the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete with the desire for work and development: Kalabogia Maria-Theophilia, Koulouri Kyriaki, Mygiakis Stavros and Ouranou Garifalia.